Why is it Important?

​​The census provides the data that's the foundation for our country for the next 10 years. The census results will determine the distribution of $675​ billion of federal funds, be used to determine how many people we get to elect to Congress to represent Wisconsin; to draw the lines for federal, state and local elected official's districts, and help people make decisions about things like where to open businesses or put new roads. The results impact YOU every day!

The federal funding allocated by the census goes straight to your community to build roads, schools, hospitals and fire departments. ​

​​Thank you, Wisconsin!​

Wisconsin had the #1 response rate in the United States in 2010! Having a high response rate is a good thing for the state - and we couldn't have achieved this without you and your​ neighbors.

But Wisconsin was also was in the top 10 states in federal funding lost. We struggle with undercounted communities - and this can affect the wide variety of residents in Wisconsin in a big way by losing out on the distribution of more than​ $675 billion in federal funding. To help your community, you need to be counted.​

Did you know?

  • Census results are used to reapportion the House of Representatives every 10 years, determining how many representatives each state gets.

  • Based on the census, state officials redraw the boundaries of congressional, state, and local legislative districts to account for population shifts.

  • Census results are an integral part of a wide variety of economic data and statistics that businesses depend on to make their decisions, such as: determining the locations of potential customers; wh​ere to expand operations; and where to locate distribution centers and new stores.

  • Real estate developers and city planners use census information to plan new home developments and improve neighborhoods.

  • Scientists use census data to analyze the distribution of diseases and health issues in the nation's populations, identifying health patterns across demographics.

  • Lawmakers rely on census numbers to help them decide where to spend money to benefit the most people.